Lightning Machine

Lightning Machine
duration: ~23min
Jocelyn Robert participated in developing the sound of the piece.
documentation: – photo©Jocelyn Robert, Patrick Altman– video camera©Olivier Bolduc-Coutu – video editing©Diane Landry


  • Lightning Machine, Sound Symposium XV, LSUP Hall, St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada).
  • Lightning Machine, The Defibrillators, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada).


  • Lightning Machine, The Defibrillators, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston (Ontario, Canada); and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa (Ontario, Canada).
  • La Machine à foudre, Postures, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Quebec City (Quebec, Canada).

 In this new performance, Diane Landry uses a common sewing machine as a drawing tool to create an ambiguous territory. She both builds onto the terrain and excavates the existing topography. The use of a video projection and of amplified sound magnifies Landry's alteration of a road map.