The Raincoat (video)

The Raincoat (video)
video: edition of 5
The video is based on the performance The Raincoat, which was presented at the opening of the 2009 Mois Multi 10 – Prostheses and Other Extensions.
video loop: 17 min 05 s
documentation: – photo©Nadia Bellefeuille – video camera:©Mathieu Thébaudeau, Pierre-Olivier Frechet-Martin – video editing©John Blouin 


  • The Cadence of All Things, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington (North Carolina, USA).


  • Correspondances, curator: Nicole Gingras, Manif d'art 6 – Machines : Les formes du mouvement, Musée de l'Amérique française, Quebec City (Quebec, Canada).

Part-way between a documentary and an art video, this video installation uses the recording of a performance as its source. In this performance, Diane Landry evokes the forms of protection that human beings create for themselves and the countless kinds of clothing they weave to protect them from existential storms. This raincoat, made out of recycled everyday objects, combines the machine-performance and the body-material. Here she has joined the principles of the materials’ pivoting, transparency and dilation to display her body in suspension. Swinging back and forth like the pendulum of a clock, her aerial body turns and struggles against the Earth’s pull. A work of great visual poetry, The Raincoat employs physical endurance and a prosthetic wheel to suggest the mechanisms which transform and metamorphose the body and to show the visible marks of passing time.