The Arch of Possibilities

The Arch of Possibilities
4 translucent wall elements
duraclear, transparent acrylic, aluminum, paint and oil varnish
4 elements (165 x 336 x 5 cm each)
Bibliothèque Aliette-Marchand, Quebec City (Quebec, Canada)
documentation: – photo©Diane Landry 

The Arch of Possibilities is an attempt to create a connection between two separate points. All the books in this library take on meaning when paths are created between them. The possibilities are infinite, even magical. Thus between each bookshelf giving rhythm to the coloured glass we can discover four aluminum structures schematically outlining a bridge or viaduct. The sections of books serve as symbolic pillars. This simple geometric form highlights the solidity and grace of the arched form. These bridge-viaduct schemas also serve as frames for photographs on transparent material (duraclear). Thus in each interstice of the support we see immense, colourful images depicting water, the riverbank and the colours of the seasons.