Les réseaux 6: Les abattoirs

Les réseaux 6: Les abattoirs, created with Jocelyn Robert
piezo buzzers, balloons, plastic pots, metal, stones, water
about 40 meters long
duration: 1 day
documentation: – photo©Jocelyn Robert 


  • Biennale internationale d'art de groupe, Lezard Plastic Production, ancien abattoir de Marseille, Marseille (France)

This was an installation-performance carried out in Marseille during the Biennale internationale d’art de groupe. Forty helium balloons were attached to sound-making objects. The objects were immersed in buckets of water, and the strings holding back the balloons were placed in the water. Once everything was set up, which took a large part of the day, each bucket was pierced with a very small hole in its base. As the buckets slowly emptied, the sound sources started to become audible, and as soon as the weight of the water reached a certain threshold, the balloons flew off, and with them the sound sources, disseminating the installation into the sky of Marseille.