Château Fjord

Château Fjord
translucent mural
duraclear, acrylic, stainless steel, computer graphics
160 x 307 x 41 cm
Complexe hospitalier de la Sagamie, Chicoutimi (Quebec, Canada)
documentation: – photo©Diane Landry 

Château Fjord was created for a competition to provide an artwork for a waiting room in the Chicoutimi hospital. A gigantic photograph of a teapot placed atop a low wall separates the waiting room from a hallway. The large teapot’s porcelain has been replaced by a repetitive motif taken from the local landscape. The numerous light sources illuminating the project act like diffusers, spreading a warm and colourful atmosphere throughout the space of the installation in a manner reminiscent of the summer’s light. This project attempts to induce a sense of fascination for everyday objects and to compel the viewer to adopt a different perception of familiar things in the hope that after this encounter they will see the world differently...