4 sisters 1/4

4 Sisters 1/4
duration: ~9 min
documentary: – photo & video camera©Jean-Pierre Demers – video editing©Diane Landry 


  • 4 Sisters, Les 20 jours du théâtre à risque, Foufounes électriques, Montreal (Quebec, Canada).
  • 4 Sisters, co-organized by Obscure and presented at Galerie Sans-Nom, Moncton (New Brunswick, Canada); and Sound Symposium VI, à la LSPU Hall, St. John’s (Newfoundland, Canada).


  • 4 Sisters and Internement, Diane Landry and Jocelyn Robert, Congrès ANNPAC/RACA, service station for works and artworks, Saint-Raymond-de-Portneuf (Quebec, Canada).
  • 4 Sisters, Espace Virtuel, Chicoutimi (Quebec, Canada).

“Wearing a kettle for a hat, Diane Landry uncoils the umbilical cord binding her to a generator. Out of a bag, she pulls scarves all tied up in a long line—recalling a prisoner’s bed sheets—and then she strikes up a repetitive complaint on the harmonica. In a parallel action, Jocelyn Robert walks toward her, naked but covered with piezo buzzers emitting their characteristic powerful high-pitched sound. Then he puts on an overcoat, fastens it at the ankles and shovels up cold soil into it. Diane wraps up the scarves around her neck and head, layer after layer, until she creates a huge cocoon. Internment. The kettle is boiling. They retreat, one being enormous and waddling, the other blind and suffocating. Through internment, the work creates, alienates and damages itself.”

Doyon/Demers, “Le projet de réalité de l'oeuvre est de côtoyer l'art” (excerpt), Parallelogramme, Toronto, vol. 17, no. 4, 1992.