Parallel Strategy

Parallel Strategy
mixed media
60 x 400 x 350 cm
documentation: – photo©Diane Landry 


  • Stratégie parallèle, Espace F, Matane (Quebec, Canada).


  • Stratégie parallèle, Séquence, Chicoutimi (Quebec, Canada).


  • Stratégie parallèle, centre VU, Quebec City (Quebec, Canada).

Parallel Strategy retraces the route along Saint-Jean Street in Quebec City. Far from being a documentary statement, this work would be best described as an assembling of different circumstances into a coherent whole. The itinerary was punctuated by a stop at each intersection along Saint-Jean where samples of objects and photographs were collected. The gathering of samples was carried out during two distinct time periods: summer and winter. These two different periods were then blended together in the form of complex integral objects made up of collected objects, drawings and photographs.