mural with 60 flip-books motorized
Plastic, wood, paper, motors, motion sensor
90 cm X 160 cm X 14 cm


  • Group exhibition: OFF-Manif 2017, during the satellite activities of the Manif d'Art /8,                                        Galerie Michel Guimont , Quebec city (Quebec, Canada).

    Perpetual motion at microscopic scale, in everyday actions or over a lifetime, is fascinatingly boring yet amazing. The representation and rotary mechanical drive of the Fall project lead us to this repetitive force. Its construction requiring a blind iterative realization method entails the uncovering of the fine detail of repetition. The energy giving life to the paper fall is also an illustration of the hydroelectricity powering the artificially created movement. The noise generated by the automated mural amplifies the image of the incredible force of water, in a direct reference to the powerful sound of a waterfall. A motion detector linked to a timer emphasizes the effect of living painting versus death painting.

    Whether it be the fall of a body, a rock, or a government, the attraction of collapse remains a fight against gravity, a perpetual struggle.