ABBox, created with Jocelyn Robert
interactive installation
chairs, voltage-MIDI interface, computer, sound synthesisers, modified domestic appliances
variable: about 4 x 4 m
documentation: – photo©Diane Landry – video camera©Jocelyn Robert – video editing©Diane Landry


  • (excerpt from the installation), Jocelyn Robert. L'inclinaison du regard, Galerie de l'UQAM, Montreal (Quebec, Canada).


  • ABBox, Diane Landry and Jocelyn Robert, Obscure, Quebec City (Quebec, Canada).


  • Computers and Human Interaction Conference, Diane Landry and Jocelyn Robert, Monterey (California, USA).

This interactive sound installation acts as a catalyst for the spontaneous formation of groups in public spaces. It uses common objects as sound and light components. Visitors can sit on chairs provided with copper plates on the armrests. When they touch the plates, they acquire relative control of the sounds and lights produced. The installation reacts differently depending on the number of players, producing an interaction that is not the addition of individual actions but the unique result of different actions.